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We accomplish our pain relief treatment for low back and all types of spinal pain conditions, with the advanced gentle and painless spinal decompression treatment.

The spinal decompression machine used for the conservative and non-surgical treatment of spine or spine-related conditions such as sciatica, herniated discs, whiplash and degenerative disc disease.

The number of practitioners around the world is increasingly using the decompression treatment in medical, chiropractic and physiotherapy practices.

Denver Co spine treatment for back pain Decompression is used not only for back and hip pain with problems with joints, vertebral misalignment and discs in the back and neck have also proved to be the source of greater than 70 percent of arm and neck pain as well.

Traditionally thought of as "traction," spinal decompression is moving into the mainstream form as the preferred conservative treatment due to the fact that back surgery can be avoided with this type of treatment. The process itself allows stressed, damaged or torn tissue fibers to tighten and heal. The decompression or traction gently provides space between discs with negative pressure or a vacuum effect that allows disc fluid to be pulled back into place between discs.

"In a study of 219 patients with herniated discs and degerative disc disease, 86 per cent who completed the therapy showed immediate improvement and resolution of their symptoms; 92 per cent improved overall; five patients (two per cent) relapsed within 90 days of initial treatment."

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